Transform Your Skin with the Right Facial

Transform Your Skin with the Right Facial

To look your best and to keep your skin smooth and soft, it is important to choose the right facial. Before you make a choice, you need to make sure that the facial is organic and that it will treat your individual skins concerns. That way, you can make better use of the makeup you choose and look your best naturally.

What Brand to Consider

One of the companies that provides a number of facial solutions is Phyt’s Cosmetics. These facials are designed to provide a natural solution for various skin care concerns. For example, you can select from age-defying facials as well as brightening facials.

Balancing skin care facials are featured as well as bioactive peels. Do you want to improve the look of the skin around your eyes? If so, you may want to consider an eye-contouring facial product. Hydrating facials moisturise the skin, whilst nourishing facials revitalise the skin. You can also choose facials that oxygenate and maintain the beauty and smoothness of ultra-sensitive skin.

A Men’s Facial to Consider

Men can also benefit from facial products by receiving a facial designed to add radiance. This unique facial product is applied after a neck, head and shoulders massage. When provided at a salon, the facial begins with a cleansing of the skin and exfoliation. Both of these steps will prepare the skin for the facial. The technician continues by massaging the face and neck with a rebalancing serum.

A purification mask is then applied to the neck, face, and lips. Afterwards, a wrinkle-minimising cream is applied. The active ingredients in this men’s facial product are camphor, aloe, ginseng, and mint. By using these ingredients, the customer experiences purified skin and a refreshed and, of course, radiant complexion. The facial tightens and refines the pores and the overall texture of the skin.

Salon professionals advise that men receive this type of treatment once every six weeks and follow a maintenance schedule monthly. You can find out more about this professional treatment by locating a salon that offers this therapy.

An Age-defying Facial Product for Dry and Mature Skin

Maybe you are a woman who wishes to look younger. That is understandable, as the skin can lose its suppleness and elasticity as people age. A mineral replacement facial is the ideal choice for a woman’s skin that is mature and dry. It is indicated for women who are 30 years and older.

The age-defying facial treatment is formulated with ingredients that are designed to smooth dry skin. The active ingredients in the facial include wheat germ extract, hazelnut, vitamin E, and acacia collagen. The collagen in the product has been infused with age-defying properties.

Like the men’s facial, you should have this facial performed once a week over a six-week period. Maintenance should also be performed once a month.