The Perfect Combination: Getting Your Shirts and Pants Right

The Perfect Combination: Getting Your Shirts and Pants Right

They say clothes makes a man. Pants and shirts are the everyday classic outfits for men, as most of them require wearing formal shirts and pants or smart casuals and T-shirts for work, or because of their style preferences. The best way to maximize the look and style quotient of the combination is to have the perfect mix of many factors:


One of the first factors to achieve the perfect combination of shirts and pants is the focus on cohesion and styles. You need to ensure that the pant and shirt or tee shirt is of the same style. Formal outfits need to be composed of formal pieces of clothes only, and casuals should comprise of casual clothes only. Combining casuals and formals is a strict NO. However, to achieve the right combination of casual and formal, you might also consider wearing smart casuals like blazers, tailored pants, etc.

What you should keep in mind is to never wear formal or dress pants with a casual shirt. The difference between a dress shirt and a casual shirt is that a dress shirt does not have pockets, whereas a casual shirt may or may not have one. If a shirt has three or more pockets, then it is either a utility shirt or a shirt that is made for outdoor activites like hiking, trekking or other similar activities, to help you accommodate as many necessary pocket materials as you can.


Colours should match your skin tone, and for a perfect look, you need to know how to work with colors and use them to your advantage. A light-dark combination can make a tall person look shorter.If you happen to be a very tall man, then to get the perfect urban or professional look, you need to pair up your shirt with a pair of pants that comes in a contrasting color to that of the shirt. There are, of course, some neutral colors that can be paired up with any other color and they will look just as good as always.Black, white, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, dark blue, brown, gray, etc are some of the neutral colors that are must-have for your wardrobe. Their versatility will prove to be of huge favour in your every day fashion game.For more subtle and elegant looks, you can definitely rely on wearing shirt and pants combo, which are of almost the same color, but different at the same time.For example: pink with brown, brown with orange, red purple with pink, or even neutral combinations such as: black with ecru, ivory with khaki, and et cetera are considered to be greatly reliable if you do not have a varying range of hues in your wardrobe.


With a little practice, one can become a master of mixing patterns and prints.
Some guidelines can however,be used for mixing the patterns:

  1. a) Print or pattern can be very easily mixed with any neutral.
  2. b) A printed or patterned shirt can be very well mixed with a solid pair of pants or chinos that features any of the colors found in print to make it just perfect.c) While mixing prints and patterns, you ought to make sure that they are not of the same size if you want to avoid a fashion blunder. For exapmle: thin stripes shoud be paired up with thicker stripes. The same rule can be followed for everything else: from dots, paisley to checkers, graphic prints and everything in between. Your height and body structure also plays an important role in deciding what pattern sizes are best for you. Tall and bigger men should go for bigger patterns while shorter men can opt for smaller pattern sizes and they’ll both look equally good.Fabrics:

To get amazing results, an essential rule is that both the pants and shirts should be of fabrics similar to each other. for example, plain cotton tshirts can be paired up with a pair of pants made of textured fabric to get the perfect dapper look.

Hence, keeping these guidelines in mind, you will be able to make the best of any shirt and pant outfits and feel confident inside, even when wearing a simple shirt and pants, because a correct combination is always a sexy combination!