The 3 methods of Double Eyelid Surgery

The 3 methods of Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery is a cosmetic makeover of the Eyelid which makes the eyes look bigger and bold. As per a survey, almost 50% of Asian people have small eyelid which makes their eyes look small and not so appealing. Because of this reason Double Eyelid Surgery is needed for the Asian people with small eyelids. Double Eyelid Surgery is a very precise and highly rated special kind of treatment done over the eyelids. The surgery needs to be performed in different methods for different sexes as per their demand. In general, women need a large eyelid crease to put makeup easily while men want the smaller ones in order to keep it simple and flexible.

The procedure of Double Eyelid Surgery

This surgery needs to be performed with Droopy Eyelids. After making the Eyelid Droop, the below three techniques can are used for the surgery. One technique needs to be performed at a time. Any of these techniques is sufficient to make our eyes look big and bold.

  • Full Incision: In this technique, the surgeon makes an incision, and separates the extra skin tissues from the body to make the anatomy be viewed clearly and bigger. Tarsus is used to provide the crease. For the creation of fold, three to five stitches are needed to get a fold for cutting the skin easily.


  • Minimal Incision: In this technique, very small incisions are made to cut the skin near the eyelids. Sometimes the incision doesn’t need any suture for cutting the skin.
  • Suture Technique: This is the technique where incisions are not needed. The skin puncture technology is sufficient for this method. In this technique, there is no need to remove the stitches and also the recovery time is too short. The main benefit of this technique is the natural look of the eyelid crease and lack of scarring too.

All of the above techniques are good at increasing the eye size for a full view of anatomy while the Minimal Incision and Suture Technique are basically used for the Younger patients and children. For the older people who have the maximum Eyelid Droop can avail the facility of the full incision procedure.


  • It may happen that the swelling doesn’t go away for a long time because of the aggressive folds.
  • Also, sometimes the Double Eyelid Surgery might not give a natural look.
  • Eyeballs may get damaged, but it is very rare.