Subtle Advertising is All Around Us

Subtle Advertising is All Around Us

There have always been people around who love to try to tell you that advertising doesn’t work, yet often a goodly few of those trying to tell you are wearing designer clothes, which kind of destroys their argument. The fact that the advertising and marketing businesses are still around and doing better business than ever, is also a thorn in the side of their opinion. Simply put, not advertising is just not an option. Coca Cola tried it once, mistakenly believing that their brand was untouchable. In a short period of time, they realised they had lost significant market share to Pepsi, whereupon they recommenced with their promotional activities, but they have never regained their losses. Advertising is all around us, wherever we go, much of it done very cleverly and subtly, due to the work of some of the brilliant minds in the marketing world.

Product Promotion

It is highly unusual for any product that comes to market to ever become truly successful, if it is not very widely advertised and promoted to the extent that consumers en masse want to go out and buy it. People didn’t go out and buy a Rubik’s cube when they first came to the market because they needed it. They did it because it was a different type of puzzle product that held a certain amount of intrigue, which was used as its wow factor and brilliantly marketed. In no time at all, demand had gone through the roof. Even now, many years after its initial entry, a fairly substantial number of kids, and even adults, have them among their toys. The explosion in sales didn’t come after it first came to market though, only after being licensed to the Ideal Toy Corp, whose marketing budget pushed it to the number one globally best-selling toy. Advertising it seems definitely can work.

Brand Promotion

Corporate branding is recognised the world over as being vitally important for any decent sized company, and it is an industry worth billions of dollars a year. Branding is generally much more gentle and subtle than product advertising. Tens of thousands of different options are available through firms like Seamless Merchandise promotional products. The idea behind branding is for you to see a company logo and immediately know exactly who that company is and what they do. It relies on the human trait that we tend to be more comfortable with something that we know and have developed trust for than in something we have never heard of. This same principle can be seen in many a restaurant where people will choose a familiar dish, rather than go out on a limb and try something exotic, but which they worry they might not like.

Branding and Advertising

It is difficult to be able to walk more than a short distance on any suburban street without the work of the marketing world. Every car has a brand name on it, as does just about every pair of trainers on the feet of others out and about. Rarely do you see a pair of sunglasses not showing off the brand name, all of which has a gradual impact. Professional promotional companies know how to really deliver, to every set of eyes in the country, continuously, making them the go to people if you really want your product to become a household name.