How to Make Your Cool Shoes for Men Last an Eternity

How to Make Your Cool Shoes for Men Last an Eternity

If there’s anything that can make cool shoes for men not look cool, it’s walking around in dirty, worn-out shoes. No matter how high quality your designer men’s shoes are, it’s inevitable that they’re going to get scuffed up from dirt, inclement weather or accidents. After all that wear and tear we put our footwear through, we sometimes forget that shoes need regular care, just like men’s clothing. It’s especially easy to take mens casual shoes for granted because they’re already made for walking in miles of dirt and grime. Without proper care, it defeats the purpose of spending time and money into finding the perfect pair of designer shoes for men, especially if they’re limited edition shoes from trendy menswear stores like Differio.

Before you start frantically searching for your local shoe repair shop, you can actually save a ton of money by maintaining your cool shoes for men at home. With a few handy tips and tricks, you’ll be wearing your favorite trendy mens shoes for decades to come!

  1. Find men’s shoe care products designed for that fabric.

This might seem obvious, but it’s actually common for some people to blindly shop for shoe polish and conditioner without paying attention to what fabric it’s for. If you’re trying maintain suede, leather or canvas shoes, all three of these fabrics require very different maintenance techniques. If you’re not sure exactly what fabric your cool shoes for men are made of, there’s usually an inner label with specifications. Some online men’s footwear retailers, like, will include complete fabric details, so you can always check back online as well.

  1. Avoid wearing certain cool shoes for men in bad weather.

There’s a reason rain boots are made of rubber and not leather. Nothing ruins designer shoes for men quicker than wear and tear from rain, sleet and snow, especially leather and suede. The only shoes you can probably get away with wearing in rain and snow are heavy-duty mens combat boots because they’re sometimes finished with a protective coating.

  1. You should invest in a shoe tree.

Shoe trees have nothing to do with gardening, except for the fact that they’re usually made of wood. If you’re not familiar with this oddly named device, shoe trees are designed to maintain the shape of your shoes. If you own a pair of mens oxford shoes or mens fashion boots, you should definitely invest in a high-quality shoe tree, especially if most of your leather or suede shoes have gone through moisture. This will prevent them from cracking or creasing. If you really can’t afford one, you can always stuff your cool shoes for men with balls of newspaper or paper towels as an alternative.

  1. Avoid household sponges for cleaning stylish shoes for men.

You might be tempted to clean your cool shoes for men with any old sponge lying around your kitchen sink. As convenient as it might seem, dishwashing sponges are actually not the best things for your footwear. Some household sponges might contain chemicals that could be harmful to certain footwear fabric. Unless you own organic cleaners or natural sea sponges, it’s best to clean cool men’s shoes with sponges already manufactured for footwear.

  1. Only certain men’s fashion sneakers can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Contrary to belief, you can actually clean your cool shoes for men in the washing machine. Of course, there are rules that apply to this cleaning method, so don’t get too excited. The only shoes you should really throw in the washing machine are sneakers made from canvas-type fabric, like cotton, nylon or polyester. Any other type of mens fashion shoes will indefinitely do more harm than good in the washer. It’s best to prep fabric with a pre-laundry cleaning product. To avoid them from getting scuffed up from all that rotation, you can throw them in a sealable laundry bag or wrap them up in a couple towels. Only use the gentlest cycle and leave them to air dry!