How to celebrate Christmas in Edinburgh

How to celebrate Christmas in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s one of the loveliest cities a person can spend Christmas at. It has a unique vibe, and it’s filled with things to see and do. It’s also a very suitable family-friendly location, but also a spot where a company can organise their own Christmas party. It’s a great city to visit and explore, and it’s definitely something you won’t ever forget.

Explore the Christmas Markets

This yearly event is one of the best Christmas-related things to see in Edinburgh. The markets keep on growing year after year. They originally started over at Princess Street Gardens, but the markets now occupy George Street, too. The markets are split into two parts – the German and the Scottish Markets. Each is filled with numerous stalls and booths, and there you can find every sort of trinket, food, drink, and everything in-between.

Enjoy the holiday lights

Edinburgh’s a historic city and oozes atmosphere on its own. However, once Christmastime comes around the entire city lights up in a very beautiful display of lights. It’s nothing bombastic, as it’s not about spectacle. Rather, the lights have a slightly subdued quality to them and feel entirely entrancing. Spots like the Botanic Gardens are ideal to experience the holiday lights.

Do some ice skating

One of the best activities in winter, in general, is ice skating. It’s always a fun and social activity, and it’s one of the Christmas things that doesn’t get enough attention. Edinburgh is a city where you’ll always find an ice rink in winter. It’s usually in either St. Andrew’s Square or in Princes Garden Street. This year the rink is on St. Andrew’s, and you can rent skates there if you don’t have your own.

Throw your own party

There is nothing better for Christmas than having some initiative and hosting your own party. Edinburgh has a lot of options when it comes to Christmas parties. There are numerous different locales and venues all across the city. In fact, it’s an ideal location for throwing both a personal and a business party, because of the sheer diversity in venues. Make sure to check out the best Christmas party venues Edinburgh has to offer over on Venuefinder. You’re bound to find something suited for your needs.

Enjoy the Edinburgh Christmas program

Once every Christmas rolls around, Edinburgh becomes the host to some exquisite events. These regularly include music and theatre performances of top-notch quality. The range is superb too, as you’ll easily find many family-friend shows, as well as some adult-oriented ones. You’ll even find a lot of traditional caroling performances at St. Andrew’s Square. Whatever it is, you’re bound to find something that will suit your tastes. The palette of choice is definitely great.

Celebrating Christmas in Edinburgh is always a great idea. There are so many things to see and do, and it’s not just for the few days around Christmas. The entire month of December is an attraction on its own, and everybody should make sure to visit Edinburgh during Christmastime.