Get Your Confidence Back with a Professional Hair Transplant

Get Your Confidence Back with a Professional Hair Transplant

Whether you are male or female, hair is important to your identity. For most women hair loss is not an issue. However, for men, hair loss and male pattern baldness is common. For those who want a head full of hair there are options. One of those include hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Options

Hair transplant in London offers a variety of services for those looking to replenish their head of hair to its former glory. Hypothermosol FRS is concerned with the growth rate of new follicles. The major concern with hair transplants is the survival rate of hair which has been implanted into the patient. The reason this is a concern is that the follicle is experiencing a lack of oxygen. It takes a few days for the capillary system to take root around the new hairs.

Studies have shown that storage solutions help the hair to advance through the different phases more quickly and, therefore, stand a better chance of survival.

Dense packing is great is for the front of the head. The advantages include a more natural look for the patient. It is a small surgical procedure in which the hairs are grafted in to the head. Micro FUE is a micro surgery procedure. The advantages to having a micro hair transplant surgery is to minimise scarring. Most patients eventually have little to no scarring. This procedure is the least invasive option, leaving clients with a full head of hair and confident look free of scars.

The experts will need to conduct a full comprehensive evaluation. They will thoroughly examine your unique situation and needs. They will then recommend a certain number of grafts that they believe to be ideal for your individual situation. You should not exceed the number of grafts that the doctor has recommended.

Why Choose the Professionals?
The professionals are more than happy to speak with you and give you a free no obligation quote. It is understood that you are very busy. For this reason, consultations are not only permitted in the London Office, but a consultation can also be conducted online. This works by the potential client sending pictures to the doctor, and then the doctor will make an assessment. They understand that you are looking to get our hair back to a state you are comfortable with, and they know that hair is important to one’s overall identity and confidence.

With offices located all across Europe, including London, Turkey, France, and many more, hair transplant is within easy access to you. It’s important to trust the professionals to meet your needs when it comes to your hair and needs.