Find the Best Secret Santa Gift for Everyone In Your Office

Find the Best Secret Santa Gift for Everyone In Your Office

The secret Santa gift exchange in your office is a fraught affair sometimes. Some years you’re given someone you don’t really know at all. Some years you get someone who’s offered almost no information about what they like and dislike.  Use this handy guide to get the right gift, every time.

Gifts for The Person Who’s Always Cold

There’s always that one person in the office who’s always shivering, no matter how high the heating has been cranked. They live in chunky cardigans and wish they could be working somewhere warmer, like maybe the Bahamas? You can’t bring them tropical weather, but you can help them keep warm. There are all kinds of things you can gift them this season. Why not pick a warm fleecy throw to wrap around themselves when the temperature plummets? Microwaveable heat packs are a good option too, as long as they’re not warming them up with their lunch in the office kitchen.

Gifts For The Organised Go Getter

Have you pulled the person in your office that always seems to have it together? They’re always on time, in the right place, and armed with the right info to get things done. Help them continue to be amazing with eclectic stationery sets that they’ll love. The Works has some great Secret Santa gifts, such as notebooks, pen sets, and calendars for the upcoming year.

Gifts For The Tech Junkie

There’s always someone in every office that has to have the newest and best technology as soon as it arrives. If you’ve drawn them as your secret Santa gift recipient, you may feel a little worried. How can you buy them anything that will live up to their standards? Don’t worry. You can buy them an awesome gift, even on a secret Santa budget. For example, a mobile phone powered virtual reality headset, they’re budget friendly and they will surely have a blast with one.

Gifts For The Creative Person In Your Office

This person is always making things, and creating something new and exciting out of seemingly nothing. You can take this chance to feed their passions and give them something they’ll love. For example, why not gift them a colouring book and pens for their downtime, or a modelling set to create anything they can think of?

Gifts For The Luxury Lover

This person loves a little luxury, and you can provide them with a taste of the high life, even on your budget. Bath bombs and other bath treats always go down well, as they’re such a wonderful way to relax. You can also pick up fancy looking desk accessories, especially if they’re in rose gold, which is very much in fashion. They’ll love a little dose of luxury at work.

With these ideas, you should be able to cater for everyone on your secret Santa list. Find gifts that are within budget, on brand, and very much in your gift recipient’s wheelhouse. You won’t go wrong with these gifts this year.