9 Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas for Men

9 Modern Caesar Haircut Ideas for Men

No one imagined that a haircut dating back to circa 60 BC would become a hot pic for men in the 21st century. If one said so, he would have met a lot of resistance! We are talking about the now famous Caesar haircut-a legendary style to commemorate the then Roman general.

Although the contemporary modifications of the Caesar haircut include different textures and shapes, the iconic foundation remains unaltered. Browse down to see the best and top nine haircuts for your hair type.

  1. Modern Caesar Haircut

This is a modern take on the Caesar hairstyle. The hair is cut shorter as compared to the old version, making the haircut effortless to maintain.

  1. Short Wavy Haircut

To take things to the next level a bit, this is yet another Caesar haircut variation for gentlemen who like keeping their hair somewhat longer. If you have bumpy hair, you can opt for this haircut with wholly shaved sides and touched up top for a fashionable natural look.

  1. Bowl Caesar Hairstyle

 With this haircut, it is easy now to appreciate the main reason why Caesar cut is recognized for. the haircut bears a modern form to it, brought about by the addition of an undercut. Men with straight hair will find this hairstyle appropriate for their regular wear.

  1. Balanced Haircut

If you resonate with the idea of balancing all aspect in life, then this Caesar haircut is specifically meant for you. Go for a haircut that shows your personality by choosing this Caesar hairstyle without any undercuts or flashy angles.

  1. Black Caesar Hairstyle Fade

If you are looking for a subtle, yet sophisticated touch to your hairstyle, give a thought to a low fade.

  1. Mature Caesar Hairstyle

One unspoken reason why many people prefer Caesar haircuts is that they are suitable for all ages. It can be worn comfortably by men over 50, thanks to all -around tasteful characteristic and also lack of specific style for a particular age.

  1. Straight Haircut

If you have a straight hair and you are looking for a way to make it appear a little bit longer, this is the best Caesar hairstyle to opt for.  while the locks length may range from two to four inches or even more, the back and the sides are shaved gradually downwards to give the cut a pleasant contrast.

  1. Hipster Haircut

You can’t get enough of a haircut that offers cool allure. For this technique, we advise that you leave the top part long and also layered, then choose an undercut for the remaining part. You can keep any facial hair as you wish.

  1. Athletic Caesar Hairstyle

Are you an athlete or you want to assume athlete style? Then this athlete Caesar haircut is the best cut to keep your hair short and neat.