6 Types of Flower Arrangements That Symbolise Love

6 Types of Flower Arrangements That Symbolise Love

Flowers are iconic gifts for lovers since ages. They not only depict love but also signify happy and glorious days in any kind of relationship. A bunch of flowers is the commonest gift for lovers. There are thousands of flower arrangement ideas that you can gift to your love and express your feelings.

Here are some best ideas of flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day and their significance –

The Fan-Shaped Flower Arrangement

A very popular patterned flower arrangement of all times, this bouquet is commonly seen in stores. Just like its name, the flower and the leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan. the leaves are placed like a blade of the fan. Different colours of flowers and the varieties are used in this arrangement to make it look striking. You can buy fan-shaped arrangement as your Valentine flowers this year for your beloved.

Elliptical Flower Arrangement

Flowers are arranged in the shape of an ellipse in this style of flower arrangement. Roses,  dahlia, sunflower, lotus and similarly sized flowers are used in this arrangement. Combination of flowers is very important in this kind of arrangement as specific pattern symmetry is needed.

Flowers used should be bright in colour and visually appealing. Apart from Valentine’s Day, this kind of flower arrangement is very popular as gifts on birthdays and weddings too. To buy this kind of Valentine bouquet, you can check the online stores.

Triangular Flower Arrangement

As the name suggests, these flower bouquets resemble a triangle and the flowers stalks and branches of leaves are cut in the shape of the triangle. Usually, the florists keep a big flower in the middle and the rest of the bouquet is adorned with smaller decorations.

Bright coloured flowers are commonly used. The base of the flower bouquet is covered with a gorgeous paper or cloth. Buy this ideal Valentine bouquet from online portals to avail varieties.

The ‘S’ Shaped Flower Arrangement

This ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement is a huge one. The arrangement is arranged in the form of basket and bouquets. Mostly in these arrangements, the flower is put in an upright position. This one is a popular Valentine flower arrangement and can be a special choice if your beloved’s name starts with “S”.

The Oval Shaped Flower Arrangement

Florists make these oval-shaped flower bouquets with some of the prettiest flowers like roses, lilies, orchids and so on. The brightly coloured flowers form the top and the green stem covered with transparent cellophane paper is the bottom.

This traditional arrangement is not only elegant but easy to carry as well. the Buy this Valentine flower arrangement on this propose day and make the moment charming.

Heart Shaped Flower Arrangement

This Valentine Day, what can be more perfect than a heart-shaped flower bouquet?  The prime flower used for this kind of arrangement is, of course, rose. However, you can select the colour of roses as you prefer. Get this attractive flower arrangement and is assured of gifting your lover a perfect Valentine day bouquet.

These are the 6 flower arrangement ideas that depict love. You can have all these arrangements at the online gift portal GiftaLove. They have an amazing stock of flower arrangement and other gift items.