10 tips to keep your denim jeans like a pro

10 tips to keep your denim jeans like a pro


We are so much conscious about our favorite pair of denim that we almost want it for our whole life. But folks! Let’s be practical. You cannot wear it for your whole life. But here is what you can do. You can at least make sure you wear it for a good number of years. For this you need to be a pro.

Below are the top 10 tips to keep your keep your denim jeans like a pro.

  1. The neck method: Are you wondering about an alternative way to select the size of your denim jeans in a store? Yes! There is one other way. You can use the waistline of the jeans around your neck and if it meets then it fits.
  2. Tight jeans: In case your jeans are tight, you can use a waistband after washing it and keep it for air drying. This will loosen up your jeans.
  3. Before tailor: Before going to your tailor make sure that you wash your jeans twice. Actually, jeans tend to shrink after wash.
  4. Fold it like a pro: Know how to fold your jeans like a pro. At first fold it in half and then go for the waistband.
  5. Do not pile up: It is a bad idea to pile up your denim one on the top of another. Let it breathe and do not ever hang it. Your jeans will lose the shape.
  6. Air-dry your jeans: using a dryer can be very much hash for your jeans and that is why it is very much advisable to use the air dry method. In case you are using a dryer, turn it low.
  7. For fade: If you want to fade up your jeans, the best way is to wash it in hot water once.
  8. Prevent fading: In case you do not want your jeans to fade and keep it raw. You need to take care while washing it. Wash it in cold water and avoid rigorous washing in the washer.
  9. The dark jeans: In case you want to make sure to take care of your dark jeans, here is what you can do. You need half a cup of distilled white vinegar and rinse it while doing your final rinse cycle.
  10. Don’t wash your new jeans for 6 months: You need at least 6 months time before you throw your jeans in the washer.

These are the top 10 tips to keep your jeans like a pro.